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Voyager Ports

Helps You Work More Efficiently

Manage your land and buildings and provide outstanding tenant service with an affordable software solution that lets you focus on maximizing economic and social benefits for the communities served by your port.

Yardi Voyager Ports offers a complete solution for managing activities across your port operations, from land, facility and drayage management to tenant leases, receivables and document management. Voyager automates processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications and analytics to help increase efficiency and improve decision-making.

Out-of-the-box functionality of Voyager includes:

  • Land and facility management
  • Record and document management
  • Work order management
  • Automated processes that reduce manual data entry and spreadsheet errors
  • Real-time accounting with easy drilldown to the lease level
  • Mobile applications for maintenance, inspections and other operations

Product Highlights

Lease Management

Track leases and process receivables with the same automation and database integration leveraged by thousands of public, private and nonprofit organizations around the world—at an affordable price.

Facility Management

With Voyager, detailed analysis of your land and facilities is just a click away, with all information housed in a single location. Analytics and attributes functionality allows you to personalize each property with unique data and generate on-the-fly reports for actionable information.

Critical Dates and Notifications

Critical dates, tasks and notifications are an integral part of the Voyager system. Dates, tasks and email notifications display directly on the user’s dashboard so that important deadlines are never missed. You can automate tasks or email notifications based on critical dates that you define.

Document Management

Voyager will redefine how you process documents. Documents are converted to digital files and organized, stored and accessible in the system. For example, users can drill down to lease agreements from the tenant screen and copies of rental payments and invoices through the receivables screen.

Work Orders

Create, fulfill, update and close work orders in the Voyager centralized database. Mobile applications give workers in the field the convenience of creating, updating and closing work orders, without having to return to the office.

Integrated Solution

You can extend Voyager and operate even more efficiently by adding modules for online property listings, online payments from tenants, fixed asset tracking, maintenance and more.

Key Features

  • Centralized, real-time lease and tenant information
  • Automated revenue collection
  • Drilldown to the lease level
  • Secure record and document management
  • Mobile application integration

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes port revenue with efficient lease management
  • Helps staff meet deadlines with automated email notifications
  • Reduces errors and manual data entry with automation
  • Allows you to store, manage and retrieve documents easily
  • Improves maintenance resource utilization with mobile applications