Technology Transformation in Asian Real Estate
From artificial intelligence to Internet of Things devices, big data to drones, property technology is transforming every part of the real estate value chain.
Yardi first teamed up with Mingtiandi in 2017 to track changing attitudes to Proptech. With the fourth iteration of the survey and report, we remain committed to helping the industry grow by understanding trends, transforming business processes and enhancing experiences for people who live, work and play in buildings. This survey captures industry attitudes at one moment in time, tracking the attitudes and practices of investors, fund managers, developers and consultancies and offering deep insights into proptech adoption. But with data stretching back to 2017 now at our disposal, we can see the shifts in mindsets and how that translates into investment. The data we’ve collected to date also reveals clues to the future and uncovers several key trends to watch in 2024 and beyond.
  • The Future of Proptech: What do trendlines and attitudes tell us about proptech adoption tomorrow?
  • The Importance of Cybersecurity: With Asia Pacific being the most attacked region in 2022, how should companies approach cybersecurity?
  • The Impact of AI: As AI adoption accelerates, we delve deeper into the question - "will AI have a revolutionary impact on real estate?"
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