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Taking small steps on a long road to tokenised real estate

A future of instantaneous settlement and no intermediaries is possible with the right infrastructure. Alice Chen, Bernie Devine’s guest on the latest episode of Yardi’s Proptech Insights, is busy building that infrastructure. The world of digital assets is taking shape before our eyes. In December, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock – the world’s largest asset […]

How Data Leadership Can Prepare Real Estate Companies for Big Data and AI in 2023

With the debut of ChatGPT in November, businesses are becoming more interested than ever in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and big data to simplify processes and boost efficiency. However, for real estate companies to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, and to ensure compliance with imminent regulations set to govern the use of […]

Proptech Insights: A Complex Challenge

Compliance for Proptech Contraction in the proptech universe won’t be driven just by competition, consolidation or economic challenges, but also by compliance. That’s the top takeaway from a recent webinar hosted by Yardi’s Asia Pacific team. Bernie Devine, Yardi’s Senior Regional Director for Asia Pacific, sat down with Kevin Yardi, Vice President of Yardi, for […]

Improve the Tenant Experience with an End-to-End Solution

Technology has advanced rapidly and improved the way we live and work. However, when we think about improving the tenant experience, we don’t see technology as the first step. People expect a quick and frictionless experience in everything they do, from checking their emails on their phones to accessing information from any device. You need […]