Executive Briefing Series: Real Estate Market Outlook

Yardi’s Executive Briefing Series is an exploration of current real estate market trends and the economic outlook within the Asia Pacific region. With the series taking place twice a year, we hope to uncover shifts and movement within the real estate industry to provide a better understanding of where we are and what we should focus on moving forward.

This is your opportunity to network with peers and get insights into the trends and challenges that global commercial real estate faces in the year ahead. Each discussion is expertly led by Oxford Economics and MSCI and will focus on different geographies within Asia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 14th November 2022

Singapore – 23rd November 2022

All sessions will take place in person from 11AM to 2PM (local time). This is a complimentary event targeted towards executive-level decision makers. We look forward to having you with us.

Nick Wilson
Associate Director, Real Estate Economic Service
BIS Oxford Economics

Ben Chow
Head of Real Assets Research, Asia

Bernie Devine
Senior Regional Director APAC

Executive Briefing Session Recordings

If you missed any of our previous sessions, the recordings are now live and accessible for you.

APRIL 2022

Hong Kong (26th April)

After the real estate boom pre-pandemic, is Hong Kong set to experience a drastic decline? While logistics is going strong, office, retail and hospitality are underperforming.

Singapore & Malaysia (27th April)

How will both countries deal with their borders opening up and the impending inflation pressure?

Australia (28th April)

With the Federal Budget announcement and the upcoming elections, what can the industry expect this year?


Singapore & Malaysia (19th October)

As Singapore transitions to being the highest vaccinated county in APAC, it is starting to look like one of the strongest markets compared to last year. What sector will see the strongest growth? Malaysia on the other hand is still recovering from the economic downfall. What will the industry look like post-80% vaccination milestone?

Hong Kong (20th October)

Hong Kong has not seen international investors for quite a while. With COVID-19 stabilising and the government providing clarification on future development will we start seeing more inward investment? And with the decline of retail prices, can we expect to see the recovery of this sector?with their borders opening up and the impending inflation pressure?

Australia (21st October)

How will the easing of restrictions impact the Australian economy, as well as building prices? Office has proven to be more resilient than expected, industrial is on the rise, and retail is losing its momentum.  What’s next for those sectors? And where should your capital be distributed?