MIPIM Asia Summit 2018: Invest in a better tomorrow


How do you imagine the world in 2030? How will we be living? As real estate professionals, our investments today determine the markets of tomorrow. To create a better tomorrow, we need to start now.

What does ‘better’ mean for you? Higher returns? Sustainable cities? A diversified portfolio? New opportunities from tech advances?

Asian cities are among the fastest growing in the world. The real estate sector has a role to play in this demographic change: how to make cities smart, durable and liveable. MIPIM Asia’s experts will debate the real estate sector of today and envision that of tomorrow. How can you invest in a better future?

Yardi is proud to continue our sponsorship of this important event. See us there, or join our Agora session hosted by Bernie Devine, Regional Director (Asia). To learn more, click here.


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