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Real Capital Analytics, David Green-Morgan

Presented by David Green-Morgan, Managing Director, Real Capital Analytics

With 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, across both the public and private sectors, David specializes in delivering market-leading real estate capital markets data, research, analytics and strategies to clients and manages the business in Asia Pacific looking at real estate markets from India to New Zealand and providing up to the minute market information as well as macro trend and strategy insights to clients at the local, regional and global level.

Prior to joining Real Capital Analytics, David was at JLL and Cushman & Wakefield in Singapore and Sydney where he covered capital markets research around the world.  He started his career in the UK with Investment Property Databank (IPD), where he analysed the real estate portfolios of some of UK’s largest private sector pension funds, using data and analytics to improve performance. His 20 years of experience is truly global having lived and worked within the real estate industry in London, San Francisco, Vancouver, Sydney and now Singapore

由Real Capital Analytics董事总经理David Green-Morgan主讲


在加入Real Capital Analytics之前,David曾在新加坡和悉尼的JLL和Cushman&Wakefield工作,负责全球资本市场研究。他的职业生涯始于英国投资房地产数据库(IPD),在那里他分析了英国一些最大的私营部门养老基金的房地产投资组合,使用数据和分析来提高绩效。他20年的经验是真正的全球化,他曾在伦敦,旧金山,温哥华,悉尼和现在的新加坡房地产行业生活和工作过

About Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics is the global leader in the collection, reporting and analysis of real estate transactions, with hubs in New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam and Singapore. An industry pioneer since 2000, Real Capital Analytics has earned a reputation of having the most timely and reliable transaction data and providing valuable intelligence on market pricing, capital flows and investment trends.

关于Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics是房地产交易收集,报告和分析的全球领导者,在纽约,波士顿,旧金山,伦敦,阿姆斯特丹和新加坡设有中心。作为自2000年以来的行业先锋,Real Capital Analytics赢得了最及时,最可靠的交易数据,并提供有关市场定价,资本流动和投资趋势的宝贵信息。

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