Troon Group Expands Investment Opportunities with Yardi Technology


Australian real estate investor connects service and management with a single platform

Melbourne, April 21, 2021 –  Since 2019, Troon Group has been streamlining its property management operations with Yardi. With a solution set comprising of Yardi®Voyager, Yardi®Job Cost and Yardi® Advanced Budgeting supporting its growing portfolio of $50 million AUM, the company has benefited from accurate, real-time data that enables its staff to make well-informed decisions that support their long-term plans for growth.

Now, with a further focus centered on attracting investors and scaling their operations, the company is implementing Yardi® Investment Manager – a single connected solution that improves  communications with current and prospective investors, and supports the management of new investment opportunities.

For Troon Group expanding the Yardi solutions their business runs on, ensures a seamless implementation, as well as enabling the continuity of centralised, connected data across their portfolio.

Garrath Holdstock, Director of Asset Management for Troon Group commented, “We see Yardi Investment Manager as an invaluable tool for our team and our investors. For investors, it will reduce complexity and provide transparency. For our staff, the benefit of an integrated system allowing easy collaboration, and insight into the real time information behind each property will give us a further edge in the market.”

“We recognised Yardi Investment Manager as the perfect opportunity for attracting new investors, matching them with opportunities and interacting with them efficiently,” Holdstock continued.

The company will use Yardi Investment Manager for its customer relationship, capital call and distribution activities. The solution will also give their investors easy online and mobile access to investment opportunities and reports.

“We are pleased to aid Troon Group in capturing and executing new business. Benefits will include less time spent by staff on manual data compilation and higher transparency that attracts investors,” said Neal Gemassmer, Vice President of International for Yardi®.

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