Schiphol Real Estate selects Yardi Voyager 7S for property management


Business intelligence, budgeting and forecasting, customer relationship management and maintenance oversight are built into the airport property operator’s core platform.

AMSTERDAM, Jan. 21, 2016 — Dutch airport commercial real estate operator Schiphol Real Estate will use Yardi Voyager® 7S, a browser-agnostic, fully mobile, Software as a Service platform, to streamline property management and accounting operations across their mixed-use portfolio of assets.

“We manage, operate, and invest in property both on, and around airports in the Netherlands”, comments Alianne de Jong – Manager Portfolio Management- Schiphol Real Estate. “It’s a complex portfolio consisting of both commercial and operational properties which means we have multiple reporting and compliance requirements. Operating on a single platform, using one vendor and login, will help us drive much greater process efficiency opposed to using multiple, disparate systems.”

Schiphol Real Estate will use additional products from the Yardi Commercial Suite™ to manage an array of day-to-day activities. These solutions include Yardi Orion® Business Intelligence, a mobile-enabled platform that will give Schiphol Real Estate a 360-degree view of its business; Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting™, which will automate Schiphol Real Estate’s budgeting, forecasting, valuations and modeling with tenant lease data in Yardi Voyager; Yardi Commercial LeasingPad™, a fully mobile solution that provides contact and prospect management with portfolio health analytics and business intelligence; and Yardi Advanced Maintenance™, which will allow Schiphol Real Estate to schedule, track and manage all facilities maintenance, fixed asset management and inspections from a desktop or mobile device.

“Yardi® is pleased to welcome Schiphol Real Estate”, comments Neal Gemassmer, vice president of international for Yardi. “While we have invested many years of real estate experience in developing solutions that specifically meet the needs of many different asset classes, this serves to demonstrate that we can also help streamline the management of complex, mixed-use real estate portfolios.”

About Schiphol Real Estate
Schiphol Real Estate develops, manages, operates and invests in 50 multi-tenant office buildings, warehouses, hotels and operational properties on and around airports in the Netherlands. It is a 100% subsidiary of Schiphol Group, which operates airports in the Netherlands and participates in airports abroad. For more information, visit

About Yardi
Now in its fourth decade, Yardi® is committed to the design, development and support of software for real estate investment management and property management. With the Yardi Commercial Suite™, Yardi Residential Suite™, Yardi Investment Suite™ and Yardi Orion® Business Intelligence, the Yardi Voyager® platform is a complete real estate management solution. It includes operations, accounting and services with portfolio-wide business intelligence and platform-wide mobility. Yardi serves clients worldwide from offices in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. For more information, visit:

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