Satisfying Investors with ESG Excellence

Today’s real estate investors not only want the financial and operational numbers on their assets but what’s driving them. That includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, which is becoming increasingly important to property occupants, investors and regulators. In fact, many institutional investors who provide money for U.S. real estate companies incorporate ESG criteria into […]

Power of Customisation: Elevate Training with Aspire

In the dynamic world of property management, training and development play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your team and the smooth operation of your business. As a leading learning management system (LMS) provider, we understand the importance of seamless integration and customization when it comes to training your valuable workforce. Our cutting-edge […]

Save Money, Drive Efficiency: See how with Aspire

Staying competitive in the property management industry requires comprehensive employee training programs. However, developing and administering training can be costly. Streamline training processes and reduce expenses with an advanced learning management system (LMS) from Yardi Aspire. Read on to see how Yardi Aspire, with its customizable training content and advanced features, empowers property management organizations to […]

Taking Charge: How Businesses Leverage Credit Cards

Business credit cards, which enabled close to $700 billion of spending in 2022, are as much a fixture in commerce as the personal cards used by the vast majority of adult Americans. “Both merchants and consumers would be completely stuck without the little plastic cards, with slowed transactions and virtually no online purchases,” according to […]