Revolutionize Learning with Multifunctional Training

Are you ready to revolutionize your company’s training and onboarding processes? Say goodbye to traditional learning plans and welcome the era of multifunctional, cutting-edge assignments that will take your employees’ learning experience to new heights. According to Sapling HR, the average new hire is expected to complete 54 activities during their onboarding process. These activities […]

Agility in Asian real estate: Where are the technologies and trendlines pointing?

Asia’s real estate leaders can expect an “enormous explosion” in the use of artificial intelligence in the next few years, says Link REIT’s Chair & Independent Non-Executive Director, Nicholas Allen. Nick discussed the AI juggernaut, among other property technology trends, with Yardi’s Senior Regional Director Bernie Devine during the latest instalment of Yardi Proptech Insights. […]

Voyager 8 Announced at YASC 2023

Infinite Possibilities in San Diego Yardi’s Advanced Solutions Conference kicked off Wednesday morning with over 4,000 clients – making it the largest YASC ever – in attendance at the San Diego Convention Center. “We have 4,000 of the best minds in real estate in San Diego this week,” observed Esther Bonardi, a vice president at […]