AI Engineering: Can It End Extinction?

The advancements in today’s technology are incredible. Biologists are now discovering AI-powered genetic engineering to de-extinct animals of the last Ice Age, from wooly mammoths to the Tasmanian tiger and even the return of the dodo bird. Let’s discuss how they are doing this and what simulations and optimizations will be used to make this […]

Executive Insights: Yardi IM Briefing

At the recent Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference in San Diego, leaders in real estate investment management exchanged insights into industry challenges, trends and how Yardi solutions make a difference in their business. Participants in the briefing were: The session was moderated by Yardi Investment Management team members Vicki Dodig, director of sales, and Susan Freehauf, senior director […]

Apple Noteworthy Updates for 2023

Apple revealed its latest update last week and got us excited! Let’s explore the latest update and its standout features with a complete overview of some new enhancements. Apple is improving lives in significant and artful ways. The Apple Watch motivates you to get moving, informs you of healthy heart rates and can even alert you when […]