Speaker Information – Shanghai Executive Briefing – 18 April 2019

Join us in Shanghai! 欢迎参加上海企业执行层会议! Yardi is pleased to invite you to our next Executive Briefing, an exclusive event designed for C-Suite real estate professionals. Yardi很高兴邀请您参加我们的企业执行层会议,专为高级房地产专业人士设计的活动。 This is your opportunity to network with peers, and hear insights into the trends and challenges that global commercial real estate faces in the year ahead. 这是您与同行交流的机会,了解全球商业地产在未来一年面临的趋势和挑战。 Presented by […]

Asia Client Workshops

Complimentary workshops are offered to Voyager users, and available online via webinar and in person at Yardi Singapore office. These free training opportunities help you get more out of new and existing product functionality. Covering new topics every quarter, they have been designed to support our clients across Asia. To stay up to date with […]

Executive Briefings and Solution Seminars

Recent events include an Executive Briefing in Shanghai & Hong Kong, which brought together 30 industry professionals to hear about the latest real estate index insights from MSCI, the global leader in investment & real estate data. Showcasing the data they’ve harvested, it was an insightful session which provided a unique perspective into the trends […]

Supporting the Real Estate Industry

Whilst Yardi is proud to host events, we’re also keen supporters of anything which benefits the Asian real estate industry, and partner with a variety of industry bodies to support and lead thought leadership events. Over the last quarter, these have included: RECON Asia Pacific This year, Yardi was delighted to continue our partnership with […]

Introducing Yardi Elevate

Yardi® Elevate, a suite of asset management solutions from Yardi®, will help asset managers, operations teams and property owners improve asset performance by lowering costs, balancing risk and increasing revenue. Yardi Elevate is a complete solution that delivers in-depth operational data, deal management, market intelligence, predictive insights, budgeting, revenue forecasting and business intelligence. It provides […]